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Inn by the Lake was opened 10 years ago and was completely renovated to provide the utmost in comfort for our guests. We provide rooms to guests all over the world and have many couples stay at our relaxing retreat because they enjoy getting away from the family and reconnecting. Many of our guests come for tours and like to come up for the weekend and enjoy the beauty of the lake in the summertime. Contact us for a reservation today—our bed and breakfast is conveniently located on the north side, near the military academy.

Maid Service
For your convenience, we offer a maid service. If you choose to take advantage of this service, our staff will change the linens and make up the beds and tidy up to your specifications.

Have Your Wedding at Our Inn
For your convenience, you can have your wedding at our bed and breakfast. We have a very relaxing and romantic atmosphere, which is perfect for celebrating your special day. Plus, we have a special room for your to enjoy during your honeymoon. Contact us for more details.

Contact our bed and breakfast in Culver, Indiana, to schedule a reservation to stay at our hotel near the lake, which offers gorgeous accommodations and maid service.

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